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Let us immortalize YOU!

We can offer you several easy options to do this: 


1) You can commission the statue for your personal use,  or

2) You can directly commission the life size statue in bronze or 316 stainless steel for a reasonable sum which would include us placing it at a major Casino if you are a sports legend, or


3) You can elect not to purchase the statue but to take a percentage of the sale when it sells for a princely sum to a private buyer. 

So whichever option is taken, we will need your approval to get started as soon as possible since this will be a 6 to 9 month process. You will be able to choose from your favorite pic to make it in either bronze, stainless steel, clay, or another hard material chosen. 

If a boxer for example, you can also choose to have the gloves and shorts painted and the rest left in bronze. This look would be beautiful, giving it a more lifelike appearance.  Just let us know when you or your business manager wants to meet with us.  

A nominal deposit will be required to get started .




Work:  Bronze or 316 stainless steel statue  of  your image.

The title of the work is:   " your name's image"

The year of completion of the sculpture is: 2020

The dimensions of the life size sculpture :  approximately 40 inches in length; 30 inches in width; and 80 inches in height including the base of the sculpture.


The medium of the sculpture is:  Bronze  or 316 stainless steel

The edition number of the sculpture is: First. 

The sculpture must be handled with kid gloves as it is vulnerable to damage if not protected and handled carefully when moved.

The image of the front of the sculpture is depicted in the artist concept attached to this Certificate of Authenticity.

The undersigned hereby verify that the foregoing is true and correct and that the sculpture is owned by the undersigned and is the authentic work that Tom Zegan owns the rights of publicity i.e. intellectual property rights to the sculpture.  


Tom Zegan

VIDEO: Making of a Life-Size Statue