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"Trump and his Magic Wand" , life-size sculpture


  •  Mr. Zegan's sculpture is a humorous caricature of President Donald J. Trump, called "We the People" aka "Trump and His Magic Wand" because Trump is holding both a copy of the U.S. Constitution as well as former President Barack Hussein Obama's suggested "Magic Wand."  You can view Obama's comment aimed directly at Trump of "What Magic Wand Do You Have?" at:  

  • Mr. Zegan and his crew worked on this 6'3" clay mold,  and a  fiber glass mold  for months.  Now the forged Stainless Steel sculpture is completed.   This colorful chrome and translucent statue will be offered at $150,000,000 making it the most expensive statue in the world.

  • A large portion of the proceeds will go to an approved that provides financial assistance to 501(c)3 agencies .



Work:  316 stainless steel sculpture of President Donald J. Trump.

The title of the work is:   "We the people" aka "Trump and his Magic Wand." 

The year of completion of the sculpture is: 2019.

The dimensions of the life size sculpture :  43.3 inches in length; 31.5 inches in width; and 94.5 inches in height including the base of the sculpture. 

The medium of the sculpture is:  316 stainless steel.The edition number of the sculpture is: First. 

The sculpture must be handled with kid gloves as it is vulnerable to damage if not protected and  handled carefully when moved.

The image of the front of the sculpture is depicted in the artist concept attached to this Certificate of Authenticity.

The undersigned hereby verify that the foregoing is true and correct and that the sculpture is owned by the undersigned and is the authentic work that Tom Zegan owns the rights of publicity i.e. intellectual property rights to the sculpture.  


Tom Zegan 




VIDEO: Making of the Life-Size Statue

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