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NFL Legend Brett Favre


Life-Size Brett Favre Sculpture for sale

  • This magnificent and spectacular life size bronze sculpture of Brett Favre is the only statue of it's kind and is representative of his eminence in the grand history of the world renown National Football League and the sculpture will be offered to those who express interest in purchasing the Brett Favre statues asking price is best offer. 

  • Part of the proceeds will go to the Favre 4 Hope Foundation that provides financial assistance to 501(c)3 agencies that provide services to under served and disabled children in Mississippi and Wisconsin. 



The title of the work is: The Bronze Sculpture of National Football League Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre.

The year of completion of the sculpture is: 2019.

The dimensions of the life size bronze sculpture of  Brett Favre are:  43.3 inches in length; 31.5 inches in width; and 94.5 inches in height including the base of the sculpture.

The medium of the sculpture is: bronze.

The edition number of the sculpture is: First.

The sculpture must be handled with kid gloves as it is vulnerable to damage if not protected and handled carefully when moved.

The image of the front of the sculpture is depicted in the photograph attached to this Certificate of Authenticity.

The undersigned hereby verify that the foregoing is true and correct and that the sculpture is owned by the undersigned and is the authentic replica of the image of former National Football League Green Bay Packers Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre .

Tom Zegan


VIDEO: Making of the Life-Size Statue

Brett Favre painting 'Warrior for the Seasons'